Temporary Permits

Florida Trip Permit is required for all out-of-state registered vehicles eligible for apportioned registration, but not apportioned with Florida. This permit must be obtained PRIOR TO ENTRY into the state and original must remain with the vehicle while in Florida; duplicates or photocopies are not acceptable. This permit is valid for 10 days for a fee of $30 (plus wire service fees) and is available through the various wire services, listed in the Florida IRP Manual. The permit allows interstate and intrastate operation in Florida. Florida-based carriers not apportioned to travel in another IRP jurisdiction must contact that jurisdiction to obtain any needed Trip Permit and information regarding other requirements for operation.


A Hunter Permit is a limited permit which may be obtained by an owner-operator not operating as a lessor, allowing a carrier to move a vehicle with a registered gross weight not in excess of the empty weight of the vehicle. This permit is valid for 10 days through various wire services. The original Hunter Permit must be carried in the vehicle described; duplicates or photocopies are not acceptable. Florida will recognize a valid Hunter Permit issued by another jurisdiction and other jurisdictions will recognize a valid Florida Hunter Permit.


Florida Temporary Fuel Use Permits – Vehicles that do not have an IFTA license must secure an IFTA decal or secure a temporary fuel use permit before operating over Florida highways or the highways of an IFTA member jurisdiction.  


For more information on obtaining a Florida Temporary Fuel Permit see the Florida IFTA manual.


Florida is not a Port Of Entry State.  All permits must be purchased prior to entering the state. For vehicles that are not registered under IRP or IFTA, additional permits may be necessary before entering another jurisdiction.


Oversize / Overweight Permits

A Florida overweight / oversize permit is required to move a vehicle or combination of vehicles (including load) of a size or weight that exceeds the following size or weight limitations on state highways (Except for certain vehicles exempted by law)



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