Oversize/Overweight Permits

A Florida overweight / oversize permit is required to move a vehicle or combination of vehicles (including load) of a size or weight that exceeds the following size or weight limitations on state highways (Except for certain vehicles exempted by law):


  • Maximum WIDTH of vehicle or vehicle combination and load exceeds 102" or exceeds 96" on less than 12' wide travel lane.

  • Maximum HEIGHT of vehicle or vehicle combination and load exceeds 13'6" or 14’ for automobile transporters.

  • Maximum LENGTH of
    • Single-unit vehicle exceeds 40'
    • Truck Tractor with semi-trailer which exceeds 48' with a kingpin distance which exceeds 41', measured from the center of the rear axle, or group of axles, to the center of the kingpin of the fifth wheel connectionStraight Truck with trailer exceeding 28' when the combination exceeds 65'
    • Truck Tractors hauling automobiles with semi-trailer exceeding 50' as a qualifying auto transporter (able to transport automobiles on the power unit) when the exceptions in Florida Statutes 315.5152
    • Front end overhang exceeds 3' are exceeded
  • Gross WEIGHT of vehicle or vehicle combination and load exceeds the legal limits established in Florida Statutes 316.535

  • A Florida trip permit is issued to cover a move from a single point of departure (origin) to a single destination. This permit allows the hauler 5 days to make the single trip. A florida blanket permit is issued to cover multiple trips for a period of time not to exceed 12 months.

    You can obtain a permit by:

         1. Applying through the Permit Office Web site at: http://www.fdotmaint.com/Permit.


         2. By mailing your request to:  

              Florida Department of Transportation,

              Permit Office 605 Suwannee Street,

              MS 62 Tallahassee,

              Florida 32399-0450


         3. By picking them up in person at the Permit Office, fax (trip only) or mail.


                 a. Payment of permit fees must be received prior to issuance of the permit.

                 b. Remittance may be made by cash, check, credit card, escrow (ARI) account or                    money order.


    Please see “Schedule of Fees” on the FDOT Permit Office Web site at http://www.fdotmaint.com/Permit for permit costs.

    It is your responsibility to carefully read your permit before you begin your trip making sure the permits are correct and can be easily read.It is your responsibility to make sure permits are clear and can be easily read. If there is a mistake on your permit, contact the Permit Office immediately.


    Florida is not a Port Of Entry State.  All permits must be purchased prior to entering the state. For vehicles that are not registered under IRP or IFTA, additional permits may be necessary before entering another jurisdiction.



    Temporary Permits

    Florida Trip Permit is required for all out-of-state registered vehicles eligible for apportioned registration, but not apportioned with Florida. This permit must be obtained PRIOR TO ENTRY into the state..


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